What every child wants in their garden at home

child - garden homechild - garden home
child - garden homechild - garden home


What every child wants in their garden at home


PlayStation, Xbox, Tablets, TV, and iPads have seemed to take over the minds of our children. But it is important to get them outside every once in awhile and, if you were wondering why it’s always such a struggle, it’s because your child hasn’t told you what it is they want in their garden at home. So, to help you out a bit, here is what they’re looking for.


A playground

If you want your child to play outside, you’re going to need to give them a playground. The PoleYard has eight different jungle gym designs for you to choose from. There are even jungle gym accessories to add on and personalise it. Just make sure you have the essentials: a swing to jump off of, a slide to run up, monkey bars to climb over and a ramp to slide down… let’s just all agree that we will never understand the logic of a child’s mind but hey, they’re outside, aren't they?

You could also consider installing a trampoline. Children always want to go to the house with a trampoline.


A chalkboard

Your children want to be creative. Take note of those beautiful, occasionally indecipherable, art projects from school and put up a chalkboard wall somewhere in the garden. There is plenty space to make it big. If you want to make it more appealing, combine the chalkboard as part of a design, like a flower, and scatter them around the garden for your child to run around and decorate each one.


A “secret” hide out

As soon as your children see a secret hide out for them to conspire, they will very quickly forget that you brought them here and are aware of their “secret” place. Camouflage an area of the garden with reeds, branches or overhanging trees and set up a little camp-like area for your kids to play in. It needs to be far enough away from the house for them to experience the fantasy element of being on their own. And if it’s fully structured (as it should be), leave some toys and books inside for them to play with.    

You can create a simple fort or build a living wooden TeePee. Just make sure it’s to their size and a children-only zone.  


A place for plants

Monkey see monkey do. Your children want a garden just like yours. If you already have your beautiful garden design, don’t worry, there are creative ways to give your child the garden they want while just simply adding to your garden aesthetic.

Make use of old tyres, which can be painted if you would prefer, and fill them with soil as a mini garden for your children. You can also use their old wellington boots as cute plant holders to scatter around your garden or hang along the fence. Otherwise, you could always just cordon off a section of your garden with a wooden fence for your child’s green thumb ambitions.

It may be a good idea for you to explain to your child the “green thumb” idiom before they refuse to go near the garden for fear of their fingers changing colour.


A path to follow

“But there’s thorns”. The “but” implies that your children do indeed want to walk in the garden. Now, you may be thinking “just put on some shoes”, but where’s the fun in that?

Create a path in your garden for your children to follow. Get creative with spiral patterns or even a mini maze. Or, you could choose a different path (get it) and build a sensory walkway for your children. Make use of the different garden textures: grass, pebbles, stones, soil, wooden planks and circular branch off-cuts. Just be sure to leave out the thorns.  


A pet

A pony may not fit in your garden, despite all your child’s begging and pleading that it will. But all they’re really asking for is a pet to play with outside. You have the option to go unconventional by choosing a teacup pig, a bunny, a chicken, a bearded dragon, a tortoise or even a hedgehog. Or, to escape having to study how to keep a bearded dragon alive, you could just buy a dog.


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