Ways to educate your kids on being waterwise

kids - waterwisekids - waterwisekids - waterwise
kids - waterwisekids - waterwisekids - waterwise


Ways to educate your kids on being waterwise

There’s a school of thought that says Earth doesn't belong to us, but to your children and their children. They are the future, after all. That means we need to preserve our planet as much as possible and one of the ways to do so is to save water. This element is a precious resource and only fraction of it that is usable for our daily needs. Because of this, we need to show our children how to practice water-saving habits from a young age.

There are plenty of ways to teach your children how to save water. And while the school system does its best to educate them, you should be proactive in this aspect as well. Learning from their parents is one of the best ways they will remember the things they learn. Encourage them to take up a water-saving hobby, or learn from places like PROXA Water that specialise in the practice.


If it’s yellow let it mellow

One of the best ways to save water is in the bathroom, and more specifically the toilet, is to learn what can and can’t be flushed right away. There’s a saying that goes: “If it’s yellow let it mellow. If it’s brown flush it down.” This means that urine can sit in the toilet bowl for quite some time before it needs to be flushed away, while faecal matter should be washed down immediately.

Of course, it’s not as cut and dry as that. Your kids need to be taught why different things can be flushed away. And they need to understand hygiene, which is why it may be a good idea for them to learn about cleaning the toilet.


Use hand sanitizer

Washing your hands can use a lot of water. When you think about it, it’s actually a long process. You need to switch on the tap, wet the soap, lather your hands, and then wash off the soap. And sometimes kids don't understand how much water is used here.

Look at buying hand sanitizer or liquid soap for the bathroom sink. This will help to reduce some of the water that is used. Explain to them that it doesn’t use as much water and is actually more hygienic than sharing a bar of soap with other people.


Showering technique

Having a shower is the most efficient way to bathe yourself and save water at the same time. It’s much better than a bath, which can use several times the amount of water. Not to mention that, unlike a bath, the shower water will stay hotter for longer.

But did you know that you can save more water by adopting an easy technique? When in the shower, turn on the taps to wet your body and then switch it off. Now, soap up and then switch the shower on again to rise off. This way, the water isn’t always running and you’re not needlessly wasting excess water. It helps to minimise your water usage.


Make saving water fun

The most important aspect of teaching your kids to save water is making it fun. After all, who really wants to follow a boring process? Think of a story to tell your children about water saving, or turn it into a game. That way they’ll be sure to remember all of the things you taught them. If you’re stuck for inspiration, speak to a few other parents or find a few books online.

One example is to have them paint a brick or a bottle to put in the cistern. This will give them a fun activity to do and they can refer to it as a “Water Warrior”. Each time the toilet is flushed, you can sing a song about how the Water Warrior is helping save the Earth. This will help your toilet system reduce the amount of water it uses when flushing.


There is a range of other ways to teach your children how to save water. This can include watering the garden, brushing their teeth, and collecting rainwater. Get creative and get them learning.


kids - waterwisekids - waterwise