Brighten Up Your Child’s Room With Funky, Functional Bedroom Furniture

Child’s RoomChild’s Room
Child’s RoomChild’s Room


Brighten Up Your Child’s Room With Funky, Functional Bedroom Furniture

Decorating a child’s bedroom is no easy task, especially if you have a child who is highly particular about how they want their room to look (and their choices may not always be the height of stylish interior decor, either) but it can be made easier by using bedroom furniture to complete and complement the look.

How to choose the perfect bedroom furniture for children

Choosing bedroom furniture for children does not have to be a tiresome task, and you can involve your children in the process, making it a fun family activity that allows them to feel included and considered. Follow these simple but effective tips to choose the perfect bedroom furniture for your children.


Determine your budget

This is a very important first step as it will allow you a clearer picture as to what you are able to buy and it will stop you from buying unnecessary items that your child will outgrow in a short period of time. Your budget should not be too low, as you will need to purchase quality items that have a high durability, but also not too high as you may spend too much on an item that is cheaper in another store.


Ask your child’s opinion

After all, it is their room, and their opinion should be seriously considered. However, this does not mean that they should be given free reign and the ability to pick the wall treatments and flooring materials. To make the process easier, pick colours and themes beforehand and let them decide on one that they like the most – this will also avoid the problem of disjointed furniture and colour schemes, which children often choose due to their inherent impulsive nature.


Choose versatile furniture

The difference between choosing furniture for adults and children is that children are continuously growing, so be sure to choose furniture that can take them from toddler to child to pre-teen. Not only will this save you money, it will also mean that you will not have to buy new furniture every year to cater for growth spurts. However, if you plan on changing decor as their age and preferences change, then it is wiser to buy furniture to suit each decor change.


Always be prepared

As mentioned above, children grow on an almost daily basis, so it is important to choose bedroom furniture that will change and grow with them. If your child seems to be growing taller quicker, then you should consider buying them an adult or larger sized bed (once they are older than toddler age) in order to accommodate this height increase. Another factor to consider is whether your family will be increasing in size because a new family member means that the furniture you choose needs to be able to cater for this change.


Make it fun

Children’s rooms are one of the few rooms in the house that do not have to abide by the usual decorative rules. You can use an abundance of colours and textures, as long as they are somewhat complementary and will age well as your child grows. If they prefer a colour that you do not, then use it as small complementary elements, such as rugs, cushions or curtains.


Choose a matching furniture set

While magazines and catalogues often put different pieces of furniture together from different sets to showcase their products, it is better to choose a matching set to fully pull the room together. The point of the room is to be both fun and functional, and mismatched furniture may not be ideal for this. You can, however, choose one piece that is different to the rest, such as an elegant white vanity  or a black desk.


Storage, storage, storage

Children often tend to have a huge number of toys and other bits and pieces that are strewn about, which is why it is important to choose bedroom furniture for children that has ample storage space. Look for bedside tables that have drawers or cupboards, beds that have built-in bottom storage, bookshelves with more than two or three shelves and so on. It is also important not to clutter their floor space with storage, so look for clever ways to put their toys and books away.



Following the tips above will certainly help you to choose the best bedroom furniture for your child, making their bedroom a place of fun, personality and functionality. Don’t be afraid to use colour and texture, as this will stimulate your child’s mind and boost their own creativity.


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