Smart furniture moves for the kid’s bedroom

kid’s bedroomkid’s bedroom
kid’s bedroomkid’s bedroom


Smart furniture moves for the kid’s bedroom

Designing and putting together your kid’s room is all rather exciting, but you need to think logically when doing so. Think of the future and how much more difficult you’re going to be making your life when it comes to tidying up after the children. Because you will be the one to do it and you will be wishing there was a better way.

So when we talk about smart furniture moves for the kid’s bedroom, we’re just talking about smart furniture moves for your future clean-up missions.  


Dual-purpose beds

Let’s begin with the bed, shall we? If you don’t have enough space or resources for one of those bed/desk/jungle-gym contraptions, don’t stress. There’s another way to be space-smart when it comes to investing in a bed for the little one.

Find or build a dual-purpose bed with a pull-out drawer base and solid headboard that doubles as a shelving space. Your kids can literally stuff their clothes and toys under the bed (don’t pretend you never did it as a child when your mother or father asked you to clean your room). The mess will be out of sight and you’ll allow yourself more cupboard space for all those adorable yet embarrassing t-shirts you keep buying for them.

Any furniture you can find with built-in storage will be a bonus to move toys around the room without making it seem cluttered or messy.



Bookshelves are amazing for reasons other than storing books. A modern bookshelf cannot be called a bookshelf if there isn’t some sort of sculpture or, in this case, figurine accompanying the three or four books. And if we’re honest, we love storytime as much as they do, so having a quick, organised, go-to place for all the best books, is a really great idea.

You can even design the bookshelf to have a seating area integrated with it or, if you don’t have enough space on the ground for a unit, install horizontal, floating bookshelves along the walls, obviously keeping it in the child’s reach.


Storage ottomans

Need a place to sit other than the floor or bed? Get an ottoman. And not just any ottoman (why would you waste space like that?), get a storage ottoman. Again, if we’re honest, the kid’s room tends to double as a mini-storage room for some of the parent’s own things that they don’t seem to have space for.

Whatever you use it for, you will either enlighten your child to the fact that the “seat” has a lid filled with things, or not. Find a colour or print that matches your child’s room and you’ll find that they’re quite a cute addition to the space.



You know in Toy Story 2 there’s that top shelf where Andy’s mom puts all the broken/old toys? Let’s talk a little bit about that top shelf. It doesn't have to be as doom-and-gloom as the Disney movie makes it out to be, but it can definitely be used as a no-go-zone for some of your kid’s confiscated toys. Or if you have fragile figurines and photographs, this is the best place to put them.

High enough to be safely out of reach of the child but in view enough to be admired by fellow parents. On that note, why is it that we love the approval of our child’s rooms more than our own bedrooms? Thoughts aside, shelves are a great way to get clutter off the floor and onto the walls.


Storage crates and soft baskets

Of all the bedroom furniture to bring into your kid’s room, actual storage crates are a must. And if you haven’t noticed by now, all “smart furniture moves” means, is different ways to store things when it’s time to pack away after playtime.

And of everything that has been mentioned, those are the extra storage spaces. Your actual storage spaces (other than the built-in cupboards) are your crates and baskets. If your kid’s are still young or super destructive, then soft baskets are a better bet for durability and safety.

Otherwise, storage crates are your best bet. Label, colour code and do whatever it is you need to do to encourage your kids to get involved with putting their things away when the day is over and it’s time to go to bed.


Play table

If your children aren’t in primary school yet or are just starting primary school, then they don’t need a desk just yet. You will have more than enough years in their futures telling them to sort out their desk and move all the clutter off of it.

With all the other storage units in the bedroom, you won’t need the surface area of a desk as well. A desk shouldn’t be used for storage in any case but somehow that manages to be its main function.

All your kid needs is a play table, and if that gets a little bit messy, it’s understandable.


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