The skills you should be teaching your kids about cleaning

teaching - kids - cleaningteaching - kids - cleaning
teaching - kids - cleaningteaching - kids - cleaning

The skills you should be teaching your kids about cleaning

Teaching your children the importance of cleaning up is essential to the growth of these little humans.

While it may sound absurd, and children and cleaning couldn’t possibly be put in the same sentence, it all comes down to having the patience to teach them and guide them in their household duties. Everyone has to be taught how to do something, and the sooner you train your children to do chores and recognise the need to clean up and look after themselves, the more it’ll make them realise how important it is when they grow up. Progress is the key word, so make sure that before you start training your children, you always remember to be patient with them and give them feedback on their wrongdoings. After all, they are only children. So, look after them and provide them with the right direction needed to do things right.

Here are a few skills you need to teach your children about:


  • Loading the laundry

Small children usually love holding and sorting out clothing. In fact, they tend to think that it’s a game which makes them cheerful and excited. However, older toddlers will be able to help hold clothing and pack it away neatly if explained correctly. The older the children get, the more clothing responsibilities they’ll have. Try and keep the folding to yourself so that you can ensure that it gets done right the first time.

Once your children become familiar with the washing machine and tumble dryer, you can start to explain what these appliances do and how to use them. Initially, it would be best to do these tasks with them to avoid them from breaking the items or pressing any unnecessary buttons, and the older they get, the more they’ll know about how to operate these items properly with the greatest of care.


  • Washing the dishes

Whenever it comes to washing dishes, it can quickly become a frustrating task as children start to play with the water and make a mess. Whether you choose to wash your dishes by hand or make use of a dishwasher, training your children about washing dishes will help them to clean up after every meal that they have. By investing in a dishwasher, life can be a whole lot easier for you and your family.

No more having to wash dishes and stand for hours drying them. Now you can just slot your dishes in the dishwasher after every meal and leave the machine to do the work. If you haven’t got one, eHome is running this exciting campaign ‘#CleanLikeABosch’ where if you purchase one of their Bosch 60cm dishwashers, you could get a 30-day money back guarantee, a water saving of 57 litres compared to hand washing your dishes, and you’ll also receive a R500 voucher worth of Finish products.


  • Feeding the dogs

Families who have dogs should train their children from young to feed their pets and clean out their bowls. Not only can it be limited to this, but you can also teach them how to clean out their pet’s cages or fish tanks when need be. This is a great task to help keep them entertained and interactive with their pets, while teaching them more about the responsibility of having dogs at home.


  • Make their own bed

In many homes, this skill has fallen by the wayside as parents or nannies have just started taking up these chores. However, learning how to make a bed is a very valuable skill that is needed in every area of your children’s lives. Whether they choose to do it or not, it’s important that children learn how to clean their room, pack away their toys and make their beds. It’s also a great task for children as they get to put their teddies together on their beds and make it look ‘neat’ for the next time they get into bed.


One of the most important skills for children is to learn how to pack away their toys properly and clean up wherever they mess. Whether they’re taught to pack their goods into plastic containers after being used or neatly back into their bedroom on the shelves, it needs to be taught. Teaching your children small skills like these from a young age will teach them how to be disciplined and conscious about their mess.


  • Show them how to sweep a floor

Sweeping the floor may seem like the most simple task but it’s definitely not. Making a mess on the floor while sweeping is easy, but learning to sweep properly is a skill that needs to be learned. Whenever you see dirt or dust in your home, show your children how to get rid of it and let them practise while you watch. It’s always great skills to have, sweeping and mopping a floor. Once your children know how to do it properly, it will become a great help for you around the house.


Final words

Each family is unique in their chores and how they teach their children to work around the house. It’s important to show your children how to do things from a young age, as these skills are needed for every area in their lives. The quicker they learn how to clean up and jump in where needed, the better. It will be stressful in the beginning, but if you’re patient with each task, they’ll quickly learn how to do something. Try and be consistent with your teachings so that they’re always learning and growing their skills.

teaching - kids - cleaning