Easy exercise ideas for kids

exercise ideas - kidsexercise ideas - kids
exercise ideas - kidsexercise ideas - kids


Easy exercise ideas for kids

Getting your children to be more active is no easy feat. This is especially true in today’s modern world of technology and readily-available entertainment. However, you can find simple ways to encourage kids to exercise and be more active, you just have to inject a “fun” element into the activities you choose.

You could send them outside to spend time playing on the monkey bars on jungle gyms, or you could set up an indoor obstacle course to tackle on a rainy day. If you are stuck for ideas on how to build your child’s activity levels, below are some easy exercise ideas that kids (and parents) will enjoy.


Fantastic flying frisbees

Playing frisbee outside is a fun family activity and you can take it up a notch by adding hula hoops into the mix. Make a game out of throwing the frisbee by asking your children to try and make it fit through a hula hoop from increasing distances.

Start by asking your child to try and make the frisbee sail through a hula hoop from five steps away. Increase it to 10, 15 or even 20 steps away. While this might sound like a simple activity, it is effective in teaching your kids hand-eye coordination. They can make a competition out of it with their friends or siblings, and the whole family can take turns trying to beat the winner.


Jumping jack challenge

Jumping helps to build muscle strength, which makes it an ideal exercise for younger children. You can arrange a jumping jack challenge between your children and their friends or sibling. Ask your children to see how many jumping jacks they can do in 10 seconds, 30 seconds and up to one minute.

You will need to keep count, or ensure that your children are keeping count and have a scoreboard for them to write their jumping totals on. Start off with a simple challenge of seeing how many jumping jacks they can do in ten seconds, then move on to more time. If your children are young, they will have more stamina and might be able to go for an entire minute, provided they rest in between sessions.


Jungle gym obstacle course

Many jungle gyms are equipped with unique extra features, such as swings, rope ladders and even monkey bars. You can create an obstacle course out of a jungle gym and set a timer for your children to finish it by.

This is the perfect exercise game for children who enjoy playing outdoors or who are fans of TV shows such as “Wipeout” and “Ninja Warrior”. Be sure that there is a prize for the winner at the end, as this will give your children an incentive to take part. A jungle gym provides a full body workout for kids, allowing them to work on their legs, arms and core without feeling as though they are making too much effort.


Follow the leader

This is a classic game but it is an effective way to get your kids to be more active. Follow the leader is a simple idea, each child takes a turn being the “leader” of the group and the others follow their movements.

You can add to the fun by including some music in the background for the children to move along to. Be sure that they include energetic movements such as jumping, squatting and even running on the spot. You can do this activity both indoors and outdoors, which makes it ideal for those rainy days when kids have a lot of energy but not much space to move around in. Be sure that every child has a turn as leader so that nobody feels left out.


Keep to your corner

Divide your children up so that they each have a corner in the room. Then, ask them to run around the room in a circle while music is playing. Once the music stops, they have to return to their corner and do some exercises, such as five jumping jacks or even a 30 second plank.

You should let your children suggest what exercises to do once they return to their corners, giving them ownership of the game. Let each child choose an exercise they enjoy doing, but be sure that it is not too hard for the others to do. This is a fun version of “musical chairs” but allows your children to remain active, even while they are playing a game with one another.


Keep it fun and simple

When thinking of activities for your children, try to remember not to make them too competitive or difficult. Keep them fun and easy for younger children, and throw in some more challenging options for older kids.

You can ask them to fly frisbees through hula hoops to improve hand-eye coordination, set up a jumping jack challenge to see how many they can do and use jungle gyms as part of an obstacle course. Whatever you choose, be sure that it is something your children will enjoy doing and ensure that nobody feels left out of the fun.

exercise ideas - kids