Elizabeth Park Bellville's hidden gem – Youth Day event reveals its magic!

Elizabeth Park BellvilleElizabeth Park Bellville
Elizabeth Park BellvilleElizabeth Park Bellville

Elizabeth Park Bellville's hidden gem – Youth Day event reveals its magic!

The Friends of Elizabeth Park, in collaboration with the Greater Tygerberg Partnership (GTP), VRCID, Bellville Library, launched a fun Youth Day event attended by over hundred and fifty local community members, at the iconic green Elizabeth Park in Bellville on Saturday, 24 June 2023.

The aim of the event was to bring to life the many incredible amenities that enable the local community to fully utilise the park. The day commenced with a community clean-up, led by the better. bellville. together. waste project team in collaboration with the GTP, uniting the local people of Bellville in a collective effort to utilise the park and to protect its natural beauty.

After this, attendees were treated to an action-packed library orientation and tour, and the youth of all ages revelled in an array of exhilarating activities catered for them.

Children aged up to 15 years took part in storytelling, face painting, and engaging physical tasks that had them laughing and exploring the park's wonders. The highlight of the day was an exciting series of arts and crafts, igniting creativity and fostering a love for the great outdoors. To refuel their energy, delectable lunch packs were provided for all the children, ensuring a delightful and satisfying day in the park experience.

"We wanted to uplift our youth and bring vibrancy and hope to the Elizabeth park space," said Noorudeen Roman, project manager at GTP and chairman of Friends of Elizabeth Park. "We know that some people may not even be aware of Elizabeth Park's existence, and as a result, choose to frequent Sea Point, the promenade, or Green Point Park. We want to change that perception and invite everyone to join us, and get the full gain from the park's offerings, and to help us raise funds to create a more welcoming and secure environment for all."


Become a Friend of Elizabeth Park

Elizabeth Park, having undergone significant upgrades prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, has unfortunately suffered from a lack of management. Recognising the need for local involvement, the GTP established the Friends of Elizabeth Park group to encourage community engagement and active participation in the park's daily operations.

The Friends of Elizabeth Park is a collaborative effort amongst several local organisations, including the nearby hospital, private individuals, and the GTP.

At the youth day the Dog House Kennel (DHK) attended with a bully hook up of various dogs and their owners, kennels and their associations - that pledged to be visiting the park with their magnificent animals regularly; more activity does create safety in numbers.

With monthly meetings and permission from the city, they are dedicated to organising events and fostering a sense of community ownership within the hidden gem, which boasts a myriad of attractions that captivate visitors.

Meandering through the park is a breathtaking river, accompanied by a library, an outdoor gym, and an enchanting amphitheatre. Families can enjoy idyllic picnics, partake in invigorating exercise classes during the summer months, or even host large family gatherings at the amphitheatre. Enhanced security measures, including excellent lighting and surveillance cameras ensure a safe and secure environment for all park enthusiasts.

"We want people to take pride in this space, a place they can treasure and even choose to capture their precious wedding memories," added Noorudeen. "To achieve this vision, we need to restore the park's cleanliness through regular clean-ups and the hosting of engaging events. We particularly encourage students from nearby universities to embrace this opportunity and get involved."

As a unique initiative, individuals also have the chance to purchase a plot of land within the park:


GTP Elizabeth Park What3Words Fundraising Initiative

Using the what3words methodology, 3×3-metre virtual plots at only R1000 each have been identified and allocated across Elizabeth Park to sell off as part of a fundraising initiative.

Once a plot has been sold and allocated, a commemorative plaque will be designed and manufactured as a token of thanks to the sponsor and placed on a fundraising wall near the Elizabeth Park region as thanks to the many partners, sponsors, and community contributors towards this incredible initiative.

The Friends of Elizabeth Park also warmly welcome suggestions and extend an invitation to all enthusiastic volunteers eager to contribute their time and energy to this remarkable park and that want to use the paces on the park for meeting ups, picnics, markets, health classes and entertainment events. 

For more information, get involved or to donate, simply email: info@gtp.org.za


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